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"I WILL SMILE AS LONG AS I KNOW IM HELPING SOMEONE"                                                                                                          -Jason Watson

Mission Statement:

To provide the best experience for all. Providing excellent service and caring about who we are servicing. Everyone has a voice, but to be heard and understood is worth speaking. We will continue to thrive on customer service and quality of service. Without our customers there would be no service and without service there would be no customers.


Affinity Alarm has become a staple in the community and has been providing quality service and security solutions for residential and commercial clients for over 17 years. The founder of Affinity Alarm, started out as a tech in the industry and decided that he could be a bigger force by starting an actual company. With so many different companies in the Security field, it makes it hard to know if your making the right choice. With Affinity Alarm, the choice is clear! With our no secrets paperwork and up front pricing the choice is made simple! We encourage our customers to check out other brands and ask plenty of questions! We love questions-why? Without knowledge of what your buying usually results in a situation where your purchase becomes a regret also known as the "buyers remorse". We take pride in assuring our customers that we are offering you the best equipment, service monitoring and warranty plan for your individual need. Every customer is different and we definitely get that! We take pride in having customers from all walks of life and giving the best solution for all situations!


Affinity Alarm was founded by Jason Watson in early 2000. With a shimmer of an idea, who knew where it would be just 16 long years later! Being a business owner is hard work, and if you love what you choose to do in life as a career its no longer work, it becomes a lifestyle. The smile on peoples faces after their installation is done and the excitement of them receiving their new product is priceless, especially when a situation arises and what they are paying for produces real results like stopping a break-in, recording an incident or saving a life...well it just feels good. Starting at age 19 in the alarm industry was challenging and fun. I have come a long way and will continue to keep a good business relationship with as many customers as I can and continue to build alliances. I love what I do and I don't think that will change any time soon.



Being a sub dealer and partner with the leading security provider makes us proud. Being able to bring the best to our customers is priority #1. 



ADI has been there for us for nearly 2 decades!! As an exclusive Honeywell Hub, it was a perfect match for our standards and the quality from ADI.



Many of things can be found anywhere but attention to detail and making sure the product is right is a perfect start.



One of the industry leaders in technology, and yes we have a relationship with them also.


Great service and quality products are key when keeping our customers seeing their locations.

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