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You dont need a lengthy contract when your flipping homes! Security options can be very tricky, but picture buy a house with all of the plumbing and electrical in tact. Your estimated demo time is 90 who do you call for a quick install with no contract??? Most investors are not into the whole im going to install a system myself type of alarm and usually dont have the extra time in a day to do it, so you call a company that will set you up with a good monitored system-not a noise maker- because those are absolutely pointless (unless you live next door)! Have it professionally installed because this is how you make your money so you have to protect your investment. With a monitored alarm system and the now more common feature of an alarm app, you get good sleep at night with the right installation which would include a yard sign and window decals that will really make a burglar think twice about hitting your property. And the best part is most people who sell homes 95% of the time get their investment back when they sell because the new buyer wants the alarm!!! So always be mindful and do research before you buy and ask plenty of questions so that you know your getting the right system for your operation.

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