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Understanding Security Systems during a pandemic can be challenging. Do I choose an alarm system, or do I choose cameras or both? What kind of system do I get? Be careful when purchasing a system. Do your homework! Write down questions and concerns if hiring a professional company. Don't get to many estimates! It can become confusing. Stick to the basis of exactly what you want. Don't be undersold or oversold. Avoid buyers remorse and impulse buys. There are shortages of certain types of chips required for some alarm panels, which means the ones that were sitting on the shelf are now flying off! It's simple-supply and demand. It doesn't mean they are not good but they could be dated or not exactly what you were looking for. A good system will be able to be looked up via web or Google. Good monthly rates are important, and just because your home alot now doesn't mean you don't need a security system or cameras. More crime happens than you think when people are home!

So in conclusion, take the proper steps to get what you want not what your sold. A good consultant spends 20 to 30 min with you at a consultation explaining and asking questions before asking you to close the deal. Choose wisely and enjoy your new system!

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